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An infrequent collection of ramblings and pictures related to gaming. I play mainly Sci-Fi or Fantasy, but have recently found myself feeling nostalgic & yearning for my Army days in BAOR - hence the 6mm Coldwar forces & the foray into 20mm.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


You'll probably have noticed lots of broken picture links across the Internet - mostly on small, niche interest blogs & forums.

PhotoBucket - who were created as an Image Hosting Site (their entire reason for being) have decided that they'll no longer allow users to link to their images from external sites - unless you buy the $400 a year package!

They did this with no warning and it affects all images hosted by them - no matter how long they've been up.

This means that many forum "how to" articles are now permanently broken - you generally can't go back & edit a Forum post after 12-24 hours....

Blogs can be updated - if the owner has the time, inclination & photos!

Some users have had problems downloading their own images from PhotoBucket.

I'm quietly confident that I'll be able to update this Blog to tell you the date that Photobucket finally went out of business and shall leave a space for it here -


I shall be fixing my images at some stage (bottom of the list), until then, rather than stick with the PhotoBucket default "F*** You Users" image I shall be using my own version.

Catch You Later,


Monday, 13 June 2016

Pesky Kids!!

I recently got hold of Elheim Miniatures "Pesky Kids", I'll be using them as a "moving objective" in a future game of Winter of '79.

It was fun painting them and teamed up with a van from Ebay for £1.99 I think they look pretty good if I say so myself!!

Scooby Dooby Doo!!


Monday, 7 March 2016

Civil Unrest in the UK......

I've been following the Winter of '79 blog for some time now & love the concept.

Mark has released the Rules for this now & a damn fine set of rules they are too!!

They're available from Caliver Books for £16.50.

Of course, to have civil unrest, you need civilians - so I paid a visit to RH Models and bought some of his UK Urban Meltdown figures.

They're nice figures, lots of detail & carrying UK SLR, LMG & SMG's.

I've painted the first batch - UrbUKSqu, some of which are below...

I'm particularly proud of the tiny Bundeswehr flags on the left arms of the 2 guys in parkas :-)

I have some more from the Urban Meltdown range to paint up & then some from the Falklands Range - in soft hats to act as Militia.


Elheim SAS & Cups of Tea

Even more goodies!!

I LOVE these figures from Elheim - They've got great personality & the poses are pretty dynamic, especially the Blowpipe figure.

I've left my options open & kept their trousers as green - that way they can be used as SAS, IRA, Chechen or whatever I fancy!!

On a more relaxed front, we have the Squaddies having a brew - something I spend a large amount of time doing when I was in Germany!!


FV105 Sultan and FV102 Striker

Another couple of stunners from S & S Models.

I've been after both of these for a while. I don't really need a Sultan, but it's a pretty nice model & it'll do as a higher level HQ or an objective in scenarios.

I built a Tent fixing on the right hand side & a stowage bin, complete with folding table, for the left hand side based on photo's I've found on the web. I also built a jerry can holder on the roof.

I really, really like this model & am looking forward to putting it on the table.

The Striker is another goodie! I built a stowage bin on top of the missile unit - based on photo's I've found online. Mine is a bit taller, but I'm still pleased with it!


FV107 Scimitar

Another Christmas pressy - a pair of Britannia Scimitars from Grubby Tanks.

I really like the Britannia castings and, once a few holes have been filled, they're a joy to paint & deploy onto the table!!

I'd like it if he did a Scorpion Turret/Gun too as I'm using a couple of Corgi diecast Scorpions at the moment & they're huge & lacking the personality of these...


S & S Landrovers.....

Santa was good to me this year & I got a couple of much desired new arrivals!

From S&S Models we have the Series 3 Land Rover 109in Recce and the 1/2 Ton Land Rover FFR.

For the Recce (often referred to as a "Dougal") I used an Elheim vehicle crew, for the FFR I stuck with the S&S crew.

I love these & they'll be out & about in both Coldwar & Winter of '79 games...