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An infrequent collection of ramblings and pictures related to gaming. I play mainly Sci-Fi or Fantasy, but have recently found myself feeling nostalgic & yearning for my Army days in BAOR - hence the 6mm Coldwar forces & the foray into 20mm.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Painting DPM my way...

I worried a great deal about how to paint the DPM on my BAOR Brits, I read guides, looked at pictures & sat staring at my old combat jacket in dismay. How was I to replicate this complicated pattern? Then I realised, you can do what you like to be honest, it'll all look like DPM anyway - this is my version, once I'd finished putting all the colours on I drybrushed over it all anyway, to remove the sharp edges. A good painting of The Army Painter Strong Dip, Matt Varnish & it doesn't look too bad if I say so myself!!

 Undercoat with Army Painter "Army Green".

Splodges of GW "Camo Green".

Edge the Green with Coat D'Arms "Pale Sand".

"T" or "Y" shapes of GW "Bestial Brown" to break up the splodges.

Black Lines over the top of it all, Boots & Rifle.

Coat D'Arms Flesh on face & hands.

Rifle Sling in Coat D'Arms "Khaki", a quite heavy drybrush of the same to blur the sharp lines of the pattern, and to highlight the pouches & helmet.

Puttees in Coat D'Arms "British Khaki", ammo belt in GW "Dwarf Bronze".

Army Painter "Strong Tone" painted on liberally, give it a minute & remove any huge excesses. Looks awful!!

Army Painter "Anti Shine Matt Varnish" - makes a fantastic difference!!

Base flock & clumps added.

The finished article!! Hats off to the Army Painter Dip - it's fantastic & has improved the look of the miniature with a lot less effort than I'd usually use!

I hope this is useful!! Just splodge it on & it'll be fine......