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An infrequent collection of ramblings and pictures related to gaming. I play mainly Sci-Fi or Fantasy, but have recently found myself feeling nostalgic & yearning for my Army days in BAOR - hence the 6mm Coldwar forces & the foray into 20mm.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Elheim BAOR

Finally got off my backside & took some photos of these chaps. I currently have 2 Platoons - 1 Elheim and 1 Britannia, plus the Milan, AA & FAO are Elheim.


Section 1

Section 3 - Gas Gas Gas!!

Cocked up here & forgot that the NBC boots go under the noddy suit, aside from that - I love these guys & came over all nostalgic as I was painting them!! 

Will have to get some of the Soviet NBC troops - would make for an interesting skirmish, any hit at all would take the squaddie out either through death or spending time decontaminating, add in restricted movement & vision and it'd end up being a brawl!!

Some of Section 2

Section 2 GPMG

Blowpipe AA


Milan Team

I'll take some of the Britannia Platoon at some stage & post them, plus the 432's I'm working on.....

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