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An infrequent collection of ramblings and pictures related to gaming. I play mainly Sci-Fi or Fantasy, but have recently found myself feeling nostalgic & yearning for my Army days in BAOR - hence the 6mm Coldwar forces & the foray into 20mm.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Valiant 1/72 British Tommies

I bought these ages ago fully intending to paint & use them.

Then I opened the box & saw the size of them compared to the 1/72 figures my opponents would be using! They're like giants - around 22mm in height.

So they went into my "Bring & Buy" box. A year or so later & no-one had bought them - they caught my eye and, as I didn't have anything else to paint at the time, I snipped 'em out & painted them.

They're lovely, detailed miniatures.

They come with an assortment of different heads to add variety to the basic poses - just lop the old ones off & glue the new ones on!

Piat & Bren Gunner are the same figure but with different arm options, there is also a standing figure that can have Bren, Piat/Mortar case or Rifle arms attached.

The Vickers HMG Gunners are nice too!

I like these so much that I may have to buy some Valiant Germans just to have some enemies in the right scale!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Berlin Battle!

A skirmish in the heart of Berlin, 1983. The East German's are desperate to capture the Wilmersdorf Comms Tower and thus achieve their first significant gain of the war....

The British Lines (pre-deployment)

Lying in wait....

Protect the Tower!

East Germans launch their attack!

T72 pokes its nose out, not realising there's a British section with Charlie G in the building in front!

And pays the price...... The NVA mill around in confusion...

As I was playing the British there aren't too many pictures of the blown up Chieftains! We lost quite decisively as the superior range of the Chieftains was no use in this environment and they were soon outnumbered & picked off...

1 Platoon of infantry was massacred, the second retreated just before it's numbers dropped below half.

The triumphant NVA troops disabled the charges the beleaguered Brits had attempted to set and captured the tower intact - a resounding defeat for the British and NATO....

Squad for Squad the British Infantry were outmatched as the Home Grown rules we were using are geared more towards vehicles, the squad firepower is based solely on the weapons in that squad - AK's & RPKs for the NVA, SLRs, SMGs and GPMG for the British. No allowance was made for training, ranges were the same etc.

In the future I'd rather use rules that are more infantry centric for this type of scenario but it was still very good fun & nice to actually get the infantry in close and dirty for once....