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Friday, 19 December 2014

Valiant 1/72 British Tommies

I bought these ages ago fully intending to paint & use them.

Then I opened the box & saw the size of them compared to the 1/72 figures my opponents would be using! They're like giants - around 22mm in height.

So they went into my "Bring & Buy" box. A year or so later & no-one had bought them - they caught my eye and, as I didn't have anything else to paint at the time, I snipped 'em out & painted them.

They're lovely, detailed miniatures.

They come with an assortment of different heads to add variety to the basic poses - just lop the old ones off & glue the new ones on!

Piat & Bren Gunner are the same figure but with different arm options, there is also a standing figure that can have Bren, Piat/Mortar case or Rifle arms attached.

The Vickers HMG Gunners are nice too!

I like these so much that I may have to buy some Valiant Germans just to have some enemies in the right scale!

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