What's all this then?

An infrequent collection of ramblings and pictures related to gaming. I play mainly Sci-Fi or Fantasy, but have recently found myself feeling nostalgic & yearning for my Army days in BAOR - hence the 6mm Coldwar forces & the foray into 20mm.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

20mm FV438 - Swingfire

This doesn't exist in 20mm at the moment and I quite fancy having one!

I've had a go at scratch building a Swingfire Turret to go on one of my S&S FV432s.

I haven't scratch-built anything before so it's been interesting & frustrating. I've ended up with something that isn't as accurate as I like, but that should represent it in enough detail for the wargames board!

I've dug out plasticard, balsa wood, fuse wire, bits of biro & a multitude of other scraps I had lying around.

This is it "naked"

And this is it painted & in place - 

Overall I'm really pleased with it - not 100% accurate, but for a first go I think it gets the point across!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Before & After

I've used the "toy" tanks that you get on the front of De Agostini magazines for my BAOR forces, with good results. I've got 2 Green & Black Chieftains and one Berlin Brigade - they're very nice models, sturdy & mean no faff with regards to building them etc.

I've recently bought a few T72's from the range to use in my Son's NVA force - but they come in a horrible "winter" colour scheme -

However, a lick of paint and some dry brushing makes them a lot more presentable -

One arrived with the gun barrel snapped off & not in the box - I was refunded & told to keep the tank anyway - a quick search on Ebay found me a turned metal T72 barrel for £2.09 delivered! Can't go wrong.

I should have all 3 ready for their combat debut (5 days from now)....