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An infrequent collection of ramblings and pictures related to gaming. I play mainly Sci-Fi or Fantasy, but have recently found myself feeling nostalgic & yearning for my Army days in BAOR - hence the 6mm Coldwar forces & the foray into 20mm.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Civil Unrest in the UK......

I've been following the Winter of '79 blog for some time now & love the concept.

Mark has released the Rules for this now & a damn fine set of rules they are too!!

They're available from Caliver Books for £16.50.

Of course, to have civil unrest, you need civilians - so I paid a visit to RH Models and bought some of his UK Urban Meltdown figures.

They're nice figures, lots of detail & carrying UK SLR, LMG & SMG's.

I've painted the first batch - UrbUKSqu, some of which are below...

I'm particularly proud of the tiny Bundeswehr flags on the left arms of the 2 guys in parkas :-)

I have some more from the Urban Meltdown range to paint up & then some from the Falklands Range - in soft hats to act as Militia.


Elheim SAS & Cups of Tea

Even more goodies!!

I LOVE these figures from Elheim - They've got great personality & the poses are pretty dynamic, especially the Blowpipe figure.

I've left my options open & kept their trousers as green - that way they can be used as SAS, IRA, Chechen or whatever I fancy!!

On a more relaxed front, we have the Squaddies having a brew - something I spend a large amount of time doing when I was in Germany!!


FV105 Sultan and FV102 Striker

Another couple of stunners from S & S Models.

I've been after both of these for a while. I don't really need a Sultan, but it's a pretty nice model & it'll do as a higher level HQ or an objective in scenarios.

I built a Tent fixing on the right hand side & a stowage bin, complete with folding table, for the left hand side based on photo's I've found on the web. I also built a jerry can holder on the roof.

I really, really like this model & am looking forward to putting it on the table.

The Striker is another goodie! I built a stowage bin on top of the missile unit - based on photo's I've found online. Mine is a bit taller, but I'm still pleased with it!


FV107 Scimitar

Another Christmas pressy - a pair of Britannia Scimitars from Grubby Tanks.

I really like the Britannia castings and, once a few holes have been filled, they're a joy to paint & deploy onto the table!!

I'd like it if he did a Scorpion Turret/Gun too as I'm using a couple of Corgi diecast Scorpions at the moment & they're huge & lacking the personality of these...


S & S Landrovers.....

Santa was good to me this year & I got a couple of much desired new arrivals!

From S&S Models we have the Series 3 Land Rover 109in Recce and the 1/2 Ton Land Rover FFR.

For the Recce (often referred to as a "Dougal") I used an Elheim vehicle crew, for the FFR I stuck with the S&S crew.

I love these & they'll be out & about in both Coldwar & Winter of '79 games...


AT 105 Saxon APC

It's been a while, apologies - been too busy building & painting to post!!

I bought 4 x AT 105, Saxon APCs from The Hobby Den.

Building was fun as the Axles are very thin resin & after breaking a couple trying to get them off the sprue, I gave up on them & made more robust ones from wire. Unfortunately, the only wire I had was 13a electrical wire & it's quite bendy, so I ended up having to support them on posts too.

In the future I'll take my time & buy in decent wire rather than hurry, but I was desperate to get them finished!!

Once they were cleaned up & painted they certainly looked the part though!! The figure is a Britannia Commander from Grubby Tanks.

These'll be used for my Coldwar gaming as transport for my 2nd Platoon - useful for urban environments.

They'll also be useful for Winter of '79 games.