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Monday, 7 March 2016

AT 105 Saxon APC

It's been a while, apologies - been too busy building & painting to post!!

I bought 4 x AT 105, Saxon APCs from The Hobby Den.

Building was fun as the Axles are very thin resin & after breaking a couple trying to get them off the sprue, I gave up on them & made more robust ones from wire. Unfortunately, the only wire I had was 13a electrical wire & it's quite bendy, so I ended up having to support them on posts too.

In the future I'll take my time & buy in decent wire rather than hurry, but I was desperate to get them finished!!

Once they were cleaned up & painted they certainly looked the part though!! The figure is a Britannia Commander from Grubby Tanks.

These'll be used for my Coldwar gaming as transport for my 2nd Platoon - useful for urban environments.

They'll also be useful for Winter of '79 games.

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