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Monday, 7 March 2016

Civil Unrest in the UK......

I've been following the Winter of '79 blog for some time now & love the concept.

Mark has released the Rules for this now & a damn fine set of rules they are too!!

They're available from Caliver Books for £16.50.

Of course, to have civil unrest, you need civilians - so I paid a visit to RH Models and bought some of his UK Urban Meltdown figures.

They're nice figures, lots of detail & carrying UK SLR, LMG & SMG's.

I've painted the first batch - UrbUKSqu, some of which are below...

I'm particularly proud of the tiny Bundeswehr flags on the left arms of the 2 guys in parkas :-)

I have some more from the Urban Meltdown range to paint up & then some from the Falklands Range - in soft hats to act as Militia.


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