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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


You'll probably have noticed lots of broken picture links across the Internet - mostly on small, niche interest blogs & forums.

PhotoBucket - who were created as an Image Hosting Site (their entire reason for being) have decided that they'll no longer allow users to link to their images from external sites - unless you buy the $400 a year package!

They did this with no warning and it affects all images hosted by them - no matter how long they've been up.

This means that many forum "how to" articles are now permanently broken - you generally can't go back & edit a Forum post after 12-24 hours....

Blogs can be updated - if the owner has the time, inclination & photos!

Some users have had problems downloading their own images from PhotoBucket.

I'm quietly confident that I'll be able to update this Blog to tell you the date that Photobucket finally went out of business and shall leave a space for it here -


I shall be fixing my images at some stage (bottom of the list), until then, rather than stick with the PhotoBucket default "F*** You Users" image I shall be using my own version.

Catch You Later,


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